"Nikki Bohne can do it all!  As my vice-president of performing group, she was asked to be in charge of planning our opening retreat.  The theme of the retreat was based on the Nordic tour we would be taking at the end of the year.  Nikki spent hours researching the different Nordic countries and their cultures to develop the theme of the retreat.  Not only did she think through every detail, every detail was perfectly timed, executed and themed.  The event was a huge success.  The impressive thing was, Nikki did it on a small budget, with limited time and based on a theme she previously knew nothing about.  Nikki will think of everything possible from start to finish, and make you look exceptionally good while doing it."

-Logan Wilkes

"Nikki is incredible! She made my event so easy; I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Nikki planned a Bridal Shower for me and it turned out amazing. She has an eye for detail, which gives everything she does just the right amount of personal touch. Her themed Shower had the perfect balance of fun and class. The decorations were great and the food was delicious! Also, the timing of events was well thought out. My guests had enough time to mingle but were never left bored or without something to do. Overall it was a really great experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."

- Wendy Law

"Whatever Nikki does - whether it be dancing, singing, tennis, or planning a party - she does it 110%. Nikki hosted the most amazing, creative bridal shower for me. Because I was studying Elementary Education at the time, the theme of the shower was "teaching". The invites assigned each guest a gift to bring corresponding with the typical school day. For example, guests were assigned to bring a gift dealing with "recess" or "lunch time." At the party, we played creative games and ate delicious food - all circulating around me becoming a teacher. And just over a year later, she threw me yet another fun, original baby shower. She decked everything out in blue food and blue balloons, celebrating the arrival of my baby boy. Nikki has an incredible eye for beauty and taste. If you want an outstanding party, she's your girl!"

- Sarah Curtis Tadje