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  • Gardening Tools Expo

    Source:   2020-11-25   To click:1769

    Gardening Tools Expo, the name of the exhibition: 2016 China International Forestry Machinery Exhibi

    Gardening Tools Expo, the name of the exhibition: 2016 China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition and China International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition

      Gardening Tools Expo, the name of the exhibition: 2016 China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition and China International Garden Machinery and Gardening Tools Exhibition

      Holding time: 2016/10/20---2016/10/22

      Holding exhibition hall: Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Bustling Avenue Bus route

       Industry: Machinery Industry

      Exhibition city: Anhui|Hefei

      Organizer: China Forestry Machinery Association

      Exhibition Overview

    Focus on inviting buyers: Organize and invite customers who demand forestry machinery, manufacturers and scientific research units across the country through media announcements, online information releases, professional magazine publications, telephone notifications, ticket mailing, invitation letter sending, meeting notices, etc.; invitation Forest Industry Group, large tree planting large-scale enterprises, state-owned forest farms, etc.; invite people from all over the country, including road municipalities, urban management departments, real estate development design and construction, gardening and greening design and construction, and industrial parks, development zones, schools, and stadiums Heads of other departments; leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, leaders of relevant units directly under the province, and surrounding urban forestry, gardens, furniture associations and other departments are invited to participate in this conference. The exhibition hall is open to citizens and other audiences and is free to visit. □Exhibition special activities: ·The 4th National Forestry Machinery Development Forum·Garden Machinery Dealers Conference·Forestry Machinery Association Bamboo Machinery, Forest Protection Machinery Branch 2016 Annual Meeting·Press Release, Signing Ceremony, Awards Presentation □Exhibition Goal: Promotion The development of China's forestry machinery has improved the level of China's forestry modernization; in order to meet the needs of forestry production, the demand for forestry machinery manufacturing has continued to develop, and the "China Forestry Machinery Exhibition" has been established as a carrier and platform for attracting large businesses and enterprises, and is a platform for China's forestry Contribute to development. In October 2016, the China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition will be held in Hefei, Anhui Province, with a super-large scale of 30,000 square meters and 8 large exhibition areas with a variety of exciting on-site activities. At the same time, the fourth national forestry machinery development demanded by professionals will be held. The conference, "all-round, three-dimensional" created the flagship exhibition of China's forestry machinery.

      Exhibition range

      Eight thematic exhibition areas

      (1) International Exhibition Area:

       Outstanding foreign forestry machinery companies participated in the exhibition.

      (2) Forestry Machinery Exhibition Area:

    Seed harvesting machinery, seed harvesting machinery, seed preparation machinery, seed testing and storage equipment, soil management machinery, seeding machinery, sprinkler irrigation machinery, nursery field tending management machinery, seedling raising, bed changing machinery, cave-shaped soil preparation machinery, belt-shaped soil preparation machinery, woodland Cleaning machinery, tree planting machinery, soil loosening, weeding and soil conservation and soil covering machinery, bush cutting and weeding and pest control machinery, pruning and shaping machinery, thinning and tending felling and secondary forest transformation machinery, etc.

       (3) Forest Protection Machinery Exhibition Area:

      Forest pest control machinery, forest fire prevention machinery, portable fire fighting hand tools and fire extinguishing equipment, personal safety protection equipment for firefighters, forest fire monitoring equipment, forest fire communication equipment, etc.

      (4) Garden Machinery Exhibition Area:

       Lawn planting machinery, lawn maintenance machinery, tree and shrub planting and maintenance machinery, flower cultivation facilities and equipment, garden engineering machinery, etc.

      (5) Gardening tools:

       Gardening shears, telescopic shears, high branch shears, garden shears, pruning shears, high branch shears, hand saws, spades, rake, joints, chainsaws, shovel, tool kits, etc.

      (六)Other outdoor forestry machinery exhibition area:

      Wood production machinery, economic fruit production machinery, orchard tillage, planting machinery, orchard tillage, weeding, fertilization machinery, fruit tree plant protection machinery, fruit tree pruning machinery, fruit harvest machinery, etc.

      (7) Biomass Energy Conversion Machinery and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Area:

    Biomass harvesting machinery, dedicated direct-fired boilers, solid fuel extrusion molding machines, biomass gasification furnaces, wood flour cake extruders, biomass molding fuel machinery (shredders, three-rotor hammer planers, wood coal briquetting machines) , Wood coal pelletizer) and complete sets of equipment. Wood-based panel equipment, intelligent and CNC machinery, furniture and wood products machinery, green equipment, first wood processing machines, coating, drying and lumber-making machinery, wood-based panel machinery, tools and machinery accessories, hand tools, engraving machines Wait. Chemical processing equipment for tree extracts and forest by-products, wood pyrolysis and gasification equipment, wood pulping and papermaking equipment, etc.